Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena is considered a most precious Caribbean gem. Renowned for its Spanish colonial architecture, vast history, long beaches, vivid night life, and romantic enchantment; it is no surprise that Cartagena has become a favorite destination.

Located on the north coast of Colombia, Cartagena has the largest stone fortress in South America, which surrounds the old part of the city and was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984.

San Andrés

Including the islands of San Andres, Providence and St. Catherine islets and keys; this beautiful area has been named the World Biosphere Reserve “Sea Flower”.  Characterized by its warm weather, relaxed ambiance, colorful architecture, exquisite dining, and Caribbean flavor, San Andres offers an amazing vacation experience, all to the tune of its native reggae, calypso and socca music.   


Providence Island is colorful, mountainous, and full of natural water fountains.  A fishing and agricultural site, Providencia fosters a pleasant and calming feel thanks to its people’s ability to maintain its Caribbean island essence.   

If you are a scuba or snorkeling enthusiast, this is the perfect destination. With its wonderful wide biodiversity, many reefs and walls, and crystal clear water, Providence Island is a world renowned dive site.

Coffee Region of Colombia

Waking up with to smell of Colombian Coffee; having breakfast in the country air; enjoying a beautiful themed park; relaxing by the pool: these are just some of the amazing experiences that Decameron Panaca can offer. The Natural Park of Agriculture (PANACA) both teaches and allows visitors to participate in the farming culture of Colombia’s coffee region, The Coffee Park (Parque Nacional Del Café) is one the main tourist attractions in the “Zona Cafetera” thanks to its mechanical rides, shows, museums, historic sites, and lush vegetation.